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Carolina Code Camp 2012

I had a great time speaking at our annual Carolina Code Camp this year! We had a great turn out. I spoke on the following two topics:

Compiler as a Service – Introducing Roslyn

Have you ever wanted to perform dynamic eval operations C# just like you can in JavaScript or Ruby? Well, look no further! With Roslyn we have to power to build our own Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop (REPL) engine. We will also take a look at how you can use Roslyn to build your own template engine like Razor.

Client Side JavaScript Applications a.k.a. Single Page Applications

In this session we are going to take a look at Knockout.js, Infuser.js, Path.js, and a whole new approach for building client-side JavaScript applications. We will look at the overall architecture and see what we can do to manage the whole development process. One area of importance is loading HTML view templates on demand instead of the traditional Script reference. We will also address some limitations like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that aren’t supported out of the box.

I had a great time and appreciate all who attended my sessions.

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