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Changing the Title bar on PuTTY

If you have ever had to work with PuTTY and you are working with multiple environments, it can be a pain to know which environment you have open.  I struggled with trying to remember the IP address to the servers that I was connecting to on the cloud until I figured out how to set this up.  The following are the steps to get your environments setup so that you can perform the same.

First, perform your standard settings to get connected with the server of your choice.

Next, under the Window node in the tree, click on Behaviour menu item.  There you can specify the Window title you wish to have.  You can see an example below:

Unfortunately, this isn’t all that we need to do, there is still one more step that we need to apply before this will work.  Under the Terminal node, click on the Features menu item.  Here be sure to make sure that you have the “Disable remote-controlled window title changed” checked.  This will ensure that once you connect to your server, the title won’t change from you what you already specified.

Finally, we can now open up as many sessions that we want and know exactly which environment we are working in as shown below:

This has saved me a lot of frustration and confusion and has helped me to organize my desktop.  I would love to be able to launch PuTTY from a .bat file but I haven’t figured out how to create these settings on the fly.  Perhaps I can pass in a saved session that has all my configurations.  This would make my workflow even faster as I wouldn’t have to launch PuTTY and then select the environment to load.

Hope this helps and if you have any tips to make this even better, please let me know…



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  1. March 13, 2014 at 12:40 am

    Thanks for the tip. And if you have not figured out how to use .bat yet, just put this command:

    start putty -load “your_saved_session_name”

    the saved settings will be loaded…

    Works for me.

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