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Game Design and Unity

September 11, 2013 3 comments

I had a great time talking Monday night on Game Design and Unity.  Here is a quick synopsis of what I covered:


Probably the hardest part of game development is just getting started.  We will take a look at focusing on creating your own Game Design Document.

Once we review the general concepts of our document, we will jump into a live session of building a quick app as well as using 2D Toolkit.  We will cover the following topics:

• Input: Touch and Keyboard/Controller

• Particle System

• Collision Detection

• Finite State Machines (FSM)

• Sprite Collections and Animations

• Dicing your sprite sheets

• Sprite Batching

Thank you to everyone who came out and attended!  We had a full house and that is always nice.

I also wanted to post the link to my slides documents and source code made during the talk.

Until next time…

Client-side MVC Architecture

April 17, 2013 Leave a comment

I am excited to be presenting tomorrow night at the WNC .NET Developers Guild.

Here is a summary of what we will be presenting:

With social sites becoming so popular like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, we are reaching a point where consumers are demanding applications and systems that can deliver real-time experiences.  We will look at the landscape and discuss some of the most popular frameworks currently available.  We will also look at the question of ubiquity and how we can leverage good architecture and design to support such models.  Finally, we will take a look a one such architectural approach and look at the pros and cons with such an architecture.

Hope to see all of you there!

Update:  Here is a link to my slide presentation.

Where are all the WPF LOB samples?

December 16, 2011 1 comment

Last night the question was asked at to where a developer could go to look at sample WPF line of business applications. Pete Brown has a blog post that allows you to download the “Book Of WPF” which I highly recommend. Also don’t forget that Visual Studio 2010, Expression Blend, and WebMatrix were also written in WPF.

Here are some other WPF applications that I thought you might like:

Billy Hollis’ famous Staffing application


An application that Marlon Grech been working on

Street Smart Edge

PowerPoint of Sample apps




Lawson Client

Comicster by Matt Hamilton

Halfwit by Matt Hamilton

Hope this helps…

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Visual Studio IntelliSense for HTML5/CSS3/SVG

December 16, 2011 Leave a comment

At my presentation last night we were discussing developing applications in HTML5 and that you could download the intellisense support from online. Well here are the links, as promised:




Hope this helps…

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Should I use Silverlight in my next project?

December 12, 2011 2 comments

With the latest release of Silverlight 5 there is no better time than now to use Silverlight for your Line Of Business (LOB) application.  You can download the latest release here.

If work for a manager that thinks that Silverlight is dead, send them over to this link and have them check out the support timeline for Silverlight 5.  Here’s the snippet from the Silverlight 5 section:

Silverlight 5 will support the browser versions listed on this page through 10/12/2021, or though the support lifecycle of the underlying browsers, whichever is shorter. As browsers evolve, the support page will be updated to reflect levels of compatibility with newer browser versions.

I think that should placate their worries. Folks, this is good news!  We can now continue developing rich business applications in one of the best technologies available.  I personally don’t think you can develop applications in any way faster than using a XAML technology like Silverlight and Visual Studio 2010.  Don’t waste your time trying to recreate the wheel when we have a great technology that is just waiting for you to use.

If you need it to run on tablet devices like an Android or iPad device, then you will need to rethink your strategy.  However, I strongly urge you to continue to use your Silverlight skills and build some really killer LOB applications.  I would also point out that your knowledge and expertise in Silverlight is not lost when transitioning to Windows 8.  You are going to be able to use your XAML skills to continue to develop rich “metro” style applications as well.

More than anything else, if you have a business requirement for an LOB application and you are a Windows or Mac shop, use the best technology available with the fastest time to market, which is Silverlight!

So to answer my own question, “Yes, you should!”

Hope this helps…

HTML 5 Video tag and IIS

December 5, 2011 1 comment

HTML 5 is pretty awesome and it is only going to get better as far as removing dependendies on third-party plugins for simple things like watching movies or playing music.

Visual Studio 2010 is a great development environment. I really don’t believe that there is a better one on the the market for what it does. One thing that it does too well is setup your virtual environments for debugging your web sites either through Cassini or IIS Express. I don’t mind that it does all these neat tricks to make my development experience enjoyable but I do get concerned when I try and deploy my working application to IIS and it stops working completely. I don’t mind running into issues when I deploy an application to IIS but it is always nice to know what the problem is.

The most common reason for this error is the fact that IIS does not have any MIME types setup for the video that you are trying to stream. We can fix this in a couple ways:

  • Go into IIS and manually add in the .mp4 MIME type. If you are going to be hosting a lot of video and don’t ever want to worry about this again on your server, then this is probably the best solution.

  • If you don’t have full control over your IIS box but you still want to have your video working you can make a simple entry in your Web.config file as follows:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      For more information on how to configure your ASP.NET application, please visit
          <mimeMap fileExtension=".mp3" mimeType="audio/mpeg" />
          <mimeMap fileExtension=".mp4" mimeType="video/mp4" />

As you can see both examples are fairly easy to do but it can be somewhat frustrating when it is working perfectly from Visual Studio 2010 but does not work once you publish your solution.

Be careful not to try and implement both of these or you will get the following error:

Hope this helps…

NOTE: I also wanted to point out that since this is still new. I had to use several browsers to make sure that it was working and not just the browser itself. I found that if I couldn’t get it to work in IE 9, it would work on Chrome. So don’t give up if you are finding issues with this. Also, I have been able to play my videos on the HP TouchPad, Apple iPad, Asus EeePad, and my Windows Phone 7. All pretty cool!

Windows 8 and building Metro apps

November 23, 2011 2 comments

I had a great time speaking at the Charlotte Enterprise Developers Guild last night.

Here are the slides and code for the presentation I made on Windows 8 and building Metro applications. We had a great turnout!

Thanks to everyone who came out and have a great Thanksgiving….